14 February 2007


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Thank you for kind words about FringeWare!

Once upon a time, a California politician got labeled "Governor Moonbeam" for suggesting that the state purchase a satellite to help provide emergency communications. Years later, California owns satellites for that purpose and the label has been retracted by the journalist who penned it.

Looking at how ecommerce tipped the balance circa 1997, how the Long Tail became a big business strategy circa 2002, how sustainability erupted into the mainstream circa 2006, then FringeWare did not do too badly with its vision circa 1992.


FringewaRe Review kicked ass. You guys were onto something early.


Fringeware changed my life!

Jon Lebkowsky

Hey, wonderful to see a remembrance of the work we did so long ago. I've been thinking a lot about FringeWare lately - the mission statement we wrote was rather predictive of scenes that have emerged online since, and I still find myself talking about, and exploring, the same thoughts and themes.

Wiley Wiggins

One of the most important times of my life and a mission to remember and preserve.

Pictures and ephemera:



seriously. this was amazing stuff, folks. jon and paco stirred it up and shook it down.

i can't believe there was a Men of Fringe Ware calendar and i didn't know about it??????? holy crap! look at you weirdo hotties. rrrwow. any copies left?


I still have most of my copies o' Fringeware, but it wasn't until mid-90s when I showed up to Austin that I realized what a Total Scene it all was. I hung out at the coffee shop next door and would go to these weird parties at FW. When I heard the place had shut, I knew that an important part of Austin culture had succumbed to the dot-com boom.

Funny thing, that? That the beast we thought we'd straddle and ride off into the sunset just drove gentrification through the roof and most of us OUT. Of Austin. San Francisco. Seattle. Ironic, huh? The worst kind. sigh...


and most of it helped it become the beast, and then suckled at the beast's teat.

always a conundrum: how much to sell out, when, and why? and if you do stuff for "good" reasons, what if it ends up becoming a big sellout scene with or without ya?

Erika Whiteway

I've been thinking about FW alot too. After being offline for about eight years post-FW I came back to to find confusion and a chorus of excited cries of a New Utopia. Gee, that sounds so familiar! I don't think FW sold out, I think we were eaten by
our mainstream admirers who couldn't maintain the mission and they sold us out.

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